BeeKeeper Lite Android

This Lite version for Android is being replaced with a new App simply called BeeKeeper. The functionality is similar to this App but issues with older devices, maps and photos will be fixed. Based on Material Design specs the BeeKeeper App looks and performs magnificently. The BeeKeeper App will appear on this site when it is ready, a link will be provided or search Google Play for BeeKeeper.

Get it on Google PlayThis is a free to download and free to use App, there are no costs involved by using this App, there are adverts to help recover cost of development and cover ongoing maintenance costs. The Tabs below correspond to each screen that can be seen in the App, along with a screen shot there is also an explanation on what each screen is used for and how to complete it.

  • Welcome Screen
  • Move a Hive
  • Info Tables
  • Location Screen
  • Contact Us

The App loads with a list of functions these are described below:

This function provides a simple web page, detailing information about the Artisan Honey Company, and its owner, Simon Croson, an avid BeeKeeper with years of experience. The idea for this App was first devised by Simon with the help of Andrew Jackson, owner of Interneers a Web Hosting Company that has provided low cost and scalable web services for over 10 years. Click on their links for more information about the companies and people behind this App.
Show Data Tables
The main feature of the App, this function will first open up the Sites Table, for more details on this screen click the Tab above. Be aware that the first time you click the button, there will be no data presented, simply an empty table for you too populate with your data.
Move a Hive
The ability to move a Hive from Site to Site was a commonly requested upgrade to the iOS App and has been included in the Android version, this allows all details of a Hive to be transferred to another Site within your App Dataset.
Show Site/Hive On A Map
This function will open the location details, if stored, against each Site and Hive in your Dataset. Be advised this requires Google Play Services v7+ and an internet connection to download the map data from Google.
Contact Us
Your feedback is important to us and we have provided this free method to contact us, the message is sent via HTTP and does not include any details on your device unless you include it in your message.

An advert will be displayed at the botton of the list, Ads have been included in this version of the App to help recover the costs of development and ongoing maintenance of the App.

On clicking this function, you are presented with three spinners, first is a full list of Sites, choose the Site you want to move the Hive from in the first spinner, if the second spinner disappears, there are no Hives under the chosen Site, once you have found and selected the correct Hive the third spinner will show the Sites but not the one containing the Hive, confirm your choices and press the button below, pressing Cancel will not move the Hive and return to the Function List, as will the Back Button or the Navigation arrow at the top of the screen.

The Data Tables are a set of three table views that hold information on Sites, Hives and Visits.

Each table has rows that are created by pressing the plus button on the top right of the screen, the screens to add more data are detailed in further Tabs.

For each row created, the name and number of hives or visits are displayed except the Visit table which shows the Notes as a subtitle. By clicking on the main body of the row, the next table will be displayed, except for the Visit, when the Summary screen will be displayed.

To edit the record, you must long click the row, after making the changes you will return to the table view.

Each row in the table views are records, long pressing a row will also allow you to delete the record, there is a confirmation of deletion, ensure you want to delete before pressing the Delete button, click anywhere else to remove the Delete dialog. The order of rows at this stage cannot be altered.

Warning: The App will delete all children of the deleted record, by deleting a Site, all the Hives and Visits that are parented by the Site are also removed. Deleting a Hive does not remove its parent Site, but will delete all its Visits, and removing a Visit will not remove its parent Hive. There is no undo functionality to the dataset, once the record is gone, it is gone.

This function will show the Sites and Hives with location data stored against them, if you do not want to use this facility simply do not include Location Data. For the records with Location Data stored, they will be populated on a Map provided by Google, at the moment only normal Maps will be shown, Satellite view will be included in a future update.

To use the Map function, you must have Google Play Services v7+ and an Internet connection for the Map data. If there is an issue with your Google Play Service, the App will try and help you resolve it with a warning triangle to the top right of the toolbar.

The Contact Us function can be used by anyone for requesting features or passing on issues. It uses a HTTP connection and does not include any information about your phone, please include as many details as you can when contacting us. The messages are free but will require an Internet connection.

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